IMG_8175_EDITI love photography. It allows me to show you the world through my eyes. My rose-colored lenses envision a romantic, idealistic view of the world. There is beauty to be seen in everyone and everything, and it’s my job to translate that beauty into compelling images.

Photography is a treasure-seeking adventure. I find little more thrilling than that split second when I realize I have the perfect angle, expression and lighting. The shutter flies open and snaps closed. Just like that, I’ve captured a breathtaking moment that will be cherished for a lifetime!

I’m wholeheartedly passionate about photography and back up my passion with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Visual Communications. I learned the ins and outs of photojournalism while covering local events for a San Francisco Bay area newspaper. I am currently working full-time as a graphic designer on a dynamic advertising team. It’s a pleasure to work with creative people and stretch my imagination on a daily basis.

Ever since I discovered the joys of photojournalism, you will rarely find me without my five-pound camera in hand. I would be thrilled and honored to photograph important moments in your life. Please feel free to contact me.

Elisabeth E. Higgins   |    Chicago   |   info@eehiggins.com